Accent Reduction and Pronunciation Training in Berlin

Shibboleth English offers accent reduction and pronunciation training in the heart of Berlin. I help you fine-tune your English communication in order to keep listeners focused on your message, not your delivery.

Not in Berlin? Not a problem! Shibboleth offers online pronunciation coaching. One-on-one, from my office to yours, no matter where you are in the world.

Small workshops and private lessons available. Need more information? Contact me here.

“I could hear the improvement after a very short time …”

“I reached out to Brigid because of my difficulties pronouncing the “th” and other typical German accent features. I wanted to feel comfortable speaking English and be able to teach the language to my future students. From the first lesson on, we focused on the challenging sounds that needed practice. I could hear the improvement… Read more ““I could hear the improvement after a very short time …””

Johanna K.