Accent Reduction and Pronunciation Training in Berlin

Shibboleth English offers accent reduction and pronunciation training in the heart of Berlin. I help you fine-tune your English communication in order to keep listeners focused on your message, not your delivery. Small workshops and private lessons available. Need more information? Contact me here.

Not in Berlin? Not a problem! Shibboleth now offers online pronunciation coaching. One-on-one, from my office to yours, no matter where in the world you may be.

“Thanks to the lessons I speak much more confidently today.”

“I started taking lessons to reduce my German accent and I’ve seen a huge improvement since. Lesson to lesson I can feel and hear my pronunciation getting better. The correct tongue position and certain jaw movement are things I would have never been able to work on by myself. Thanks to the lessons I speak… Read more ““Thanks to the lessons I speak much more confidently today.””

Jonas Knopf